Warehouse management system

Quality Control and Traceability make it safer!

Οur company facilitating cutting edge technologies for the monitoring of your products. This is a very important task for us and the procedures are in the highest level. The client must feel secured and protected that the pallets is under constant control. We are delivering the quality and traceability at the best possible way.


Karlos Enterprises has
strong warehouse
characterized by:

  • direct communication between client and logistics officer
  • automated reporting
  • barcode scanning
  • track & trace functionality

We work with a WMS (Warehouse Management System). This WMS system can send clients automatic notifications, if desired. The types of reports we send automatically include inventory lists, entry notes, delivery receipts, production orders, and invoices. We can send these reports separately to different e-mail addresses within your company in order to inform the right people. This keeps you up to date on all of our processes

Each incoming pallet receives a sticker with a unique pallet number and barcode. All of our warehouse employees have a mobile barcode scanner, which is linked to our WMS system. The sticker is scanned each time the pallet is moved, for example during storage, relocation, or order picking. The main advantages of the RF barcode scanner are:

  • Tracking and tracing
  • Inventory reliability
  • Preventing errors


Traceability in the Cold Storage business is important to ensure that you and your employees can easily look back through detailed information when necessary maintaining inventory integrity, outbound orders and meeting compliance standards. Through our involvement with many businesses and their demand for a better tracking solution, we have been able to determine the best feasible way to complete each operation and integrate them into a valuable, cold storage management software.

Our WMS scans every pallet according to EU laws for the fresh fruit market and the feedback is detailed in every step of the process. The advanced warehouse management system comprises the latest edition in tracking procedures featuring tracking of every pallet, tracking containers, inventory control, and client report.

Inventory represents finished goods or goods in different stages of production that the company keeps at its premises. Inventory can also be on consignment, which is an arrangement when a company has its goods at third-party locations with ownership interest retained until goods are sold. Inventory is reported on a company’s balance sheet under the current assets category, and it serves as a buffer between manufacturing and order fulfilment.

Our system is
operating in high
standards by:

  • Having the means and personnel that perform the inspections inside or outside of our premises.
  • We continuously train and getting updates on the subject.
  • A detailed report is provided either by subjective or objective inspections. Subjective is when our people make visual and sensational inspection and the objective is when we are using specified tools for the inspections. Both ways are usedand a full conclusion and detailed report sent to our customers as well as weight information of the product is included too.
  • Our credibility and professionalism ensure that we are keeping the standards and specifications our customers require in all stages. Nevertheless, our confidentiality is completely strict for each one of the parties involved.
  • Our premises where we are making the surveys are certified by the latest ISO and HACCP certifications.
  • Our promise to our clients is that the job day in, day out at every stage, ensures the best quality. Our work is performed with responsibility, dedication, and loyalty.


Our experienced stuff inspects the fruits and creates a detailed report with regard to their parameters, thus providing effective feedback to our clients.

Quality control in bananas is a service that we perform for more than ten years by employing high qualified and trained personnel.

Our procedures meet the requirements and standards of our clients’ needs.

Our competitiveness, effectiveness, and experience guarantee the quality of our job.

“Our promise to our clients is that the job day in, day out at every stage, ensures the best quality. Our work is performed with responsibility, dedication, and loyalty.”


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